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Cooling and freezing systems

Our cooling systems

A good cooling system is the heart of your business.

Our company has been designing and supplying advanced cooling systems for decades.

We believe that good refrigeration engineering must be based on tailoring the design in full accordance with the customer’s needs.

For this reason we at Erwin Refrigeration always check the special needs of your business first such as: the type of products, consideration of the types of packages, moisture, the temperature required for Moore, the working conditions of the workers on site and more.

Energetic design:

Proper design of a cooling system must take into account as low energy expenditure as possible and this is the specialty of Arvin Refrigeration Ltd.

We operate in many industries and industries including:

  • Ministry of Defense.
  • Ministry of Health.
  • Pharma Industries.
  • The agricultural sector.
  • Partners in projects with the best infrastructure companies in the country.
  • Various government ministries.
  • Israel Aerospace Industries IAI.

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